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Eric Iselt
Michael Goertz
Michael Goertz grew up in Bastrop, Texas and comes from a long-line of business owners and Entrepreneurs. He ran many successful businesses and flipped homes until he decided to join forces with Eric and start Goertz and Iselt Custom Homes & Construction. Eric Iselt grew up in Georgetown, Texas as a contractor’s son. He was always on the job site from a young age helping his father anyway he could. Both Michael and Eric come from a family of hard-working, honest people.

"One thing I've always known is to build with pride and build something you’re proud to hang your name on. My father’s motto has always been to build it right, or don't build it at all. Having graduated from Texas State University’s Business School, I decided to try my hand at Real Estate. It was where I noticed people spending their hard earned money on a house that was thrown together, but sold for a premium price."
         - Eric Iselt 

Realizing this, Mike and Eric knew this went against everything they were taught growing up, but also knew it wasn't the buyer's fault. Most home builders have trained the consumer to accept subpar construction and pay for it in all aspects. Not wanting to succumb to this model, Mike and Eric combined their trusted values and Goertz & Iselt Custom Homes was built. 

They are now building their empire and implementing the "build it right, or don't build it at all" concept - One of their first home was successfully built in Jarrell, Texas and was sold to the City's Building inspector without any complications.

"This is when we proved to ourselves that our product was exactly the quality we knew it could be." 
​          -Michael Goertz
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